NOTE: At least temporarily, I have disabled the Disqus comment system and I am experimenting with another system. As a result, the procedures described below are for now suspended. If you have any troubles, please notify me with the Feedback button on the right-hand side of the web page.

I have learned of difficulties people have had in trying to make comments on a post with the Disqus system, which I use on this website. Contrary to what might seem to be the case, you do not have to become a member of Disqus in order to post a comment. If you want to make a comment on a post and go to the very bottom of the post, and then click on the comment balloon to start the process, you will see something like what isĀ in the screenshot below. (Click on the image to get a better view.)


As soon as you click on the comment box with “Start the discussion…” in it to enter your comment, the comment area transforms to look like what is below.


Comment0You now have several choices. If you have an account with Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, or Google, you can click on the appropriate sharing icon to obtain the permission to comment. If you should want to join the commenting society Disqus, you can click on the circled “?” above the name box to get a form for joining Disqus. You can then finish your comment and post. If you do not want to use any of these options, but want to post as an anonymous commenter, you can click on the “Name” box, which causes the comment area to look like below.

Comment1Then an “Email” box appears, and below that some links that would produce pages on “Basic Rules” (the most important of which is to not be a jerk!), “Terms of Service”, and “Privacy Policy”. Click on those links for more information on them. Below those links is a small box that you can check with the text “I’d rather post as a guest” on it. Checking that box allows you to comment without belonging to anything. You must enter a name and an email address, although the name need not be your own (it can be a nom de guerre) and your email will be kept confidential and will not appear on the posting. When you have finished typing your comment, click on the arrow button at the bottom right, and you will the proud owner of an internationally published comment after clearance from “moderation”. “Moderation” means I make sure your language is clean for a mixed audience.

This might seem like a complicated process, but once you understand it the process is actually easy to do.

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2 thoughts on “Comments

  1. AJR Soares de Mello

    Kudos for the new Statistics label and content.
    Can I suggest you add stats on crime on peace? After all, both can be more important than even GDP.
    I suggest some I use: Global Peace Index, Visions of Humanity, OECD better life index and others, Civitas….
    Links easy to find at Google or any other search engine.

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