Delusions of Progressives and Other Dirigistes

"For now we see as through a glass darkly"

“For now we see through a glass darkly . . .”, Holy Bible, King James Version, 1 Corinthians 13:12 / David Singleton

As history has shown us over and over again,  and as anyone halfway observant can see for themselves, humanity has an unparalleled skill to delude itself. This prowess undoubtedly originates from our capability to form patterns in our heads to correlate what we see around us in the world and in the universe. Since any number of such patterns can usually be generated to explain a single set of related phenomena, clearly they can not all be correct. How do we know when they are not? When they cause us to make incorrect  predictions is how.
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Human Values and the Dictates of Reality

The Scales of Justice

Are you ready for your soul to be weighed? / Southernfried

This is not an an essay on how human values and ethics are irreconcilable with Reality. At least not usually. Instead, its message is that if we somehow mistake what Reality allows, that old harridan will deny us what we need to support a just, economically bounteous society, whatever that means to each of us.

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How Flexible Are Progressive Minds?

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin


The Thinker by Auguste Rodin. This is what we must all do if we are to survive as a free nation!
Wikimedia Commons / Andrew Horne 

The reactions by progressives over the last week to their epic loss at the polls have been anything but encouraging. As I noted in Progressives Doubling Down, Democrats show very few signs of becoming introspective over their loss, being totally convinced their policies are the right ones for the United States.

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Progressives Doubling Down

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) campaigning for Hillary Clinton, October 2016. Warren is one of the leading forces in the Democratic Party.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) campaigning for Hillary Clinton, October 2016. Warren is one of the leading forces in the Democratic Party.
Wikimedia Commons / Tim Pierce

Elizabeth Warren, one of the Democratic senators from Massachusetts and pictured above, offered something of an olive branch to Donald Trump in the wake of his election as president. The day after the election, she stated, “It’s no secret that I didn’t want to see Donald Trump win yesterday … But the integrity of our democracy is more important than any individual election, and those of us who supported Hillary Clinton will respect this result. President-elect Trump promised to rebuild our economy for working people, and I offer to put aside our differences and work with him on that task.” Yet, the conclusion that this statement was mere window dressing is unavoidable when you consider other declarations she made a day later.  Continue Reading…

Progressives’ Hypocrisy Is Showing

Anti-Trump riot in Portland, Oregon following President-elect Trump’s election
Screenshot from a CNN broadcast

To this very day,  progressives are not just demonstrating to protest Donald Trump’s election, but rioting and destroying private property as well to make their point. Do you feel any more persuaded? Whatever happened to the insistence, so much urged by the progressive media recently, that the loser — who they thought would inevitably be Trump — should acquiesce to the peaceful transfer of power to the winner? Is that position now “nonoperative”? How long can we expect for this guerrilla warfare to continue?      Continue Reading…

The Analysis of Reality

A supernova about to blow: Wolf-Rayet star WR 124, 15,000 light years from Earth

A supernova about to blow: Wolf-Rayet star WR 124, 15,000 light years from Earth
Wikimedia Commons / NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope

Following last Tuesday’s elections, the recriminations and accusations are flying thick and fast, especially among progressives. Since they are the ones who suffered the devastating defeats, that is only natural. However, many of these reactions lack a certain — what shall I say? — introspection, which I find very disturbing.  Continue Reading…

Turning of the Tide of Dirigisme?

Karl Marx (5 May 1818 - 14 March 1883)

Karl Marx (5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883): Is his time finally finished?
Wikimedia Commons John Jabez Edwin Mayall

The administration of President Barack Obama  may have marked the high-water mark of dirigisme in the United States. Brexit in Europe may have done the same for that continent. Hopefully, before the end of my life, I will be able to witness this milestone for humanity in Japan, Russia, and China as well. For Iran to achieve this may take somewhat longer, as that country has to deal with the dirigisme of a theocracy, and it is next to impossible to contradict the diktat of a god. Continue Reading…

President Trump Faces a Divided People

Donald Trump's Victory Speech 11/9/2016

Donald Trump giving his victory speech early this morning
YouTube /

Donald J. Trump’s victory yesterday to become the President-elect of the United States is a fitting surprise for this country’s elites in this most surprising of campaign seasons. Our elites, who have become overwhelmingly dirigiste, needed this rebellion by the American electorate to force a reconsideration of their ideology. As is often the case with victory speeches, but which with Trump was very surprising, his victory speech early this morning was a model of magnanimity.   Continue Reading…