Even More Lies Progressives Tell To Themselves!

A progressive regarding the world!

A progressive regarding the world. Be careful what you buy from him!
(c) Can Stock Photo / ezumeimages

In my last essay  I was only able to cover two of the major subsidiary lies progressives tell to both themselves and to others. By subsidiary I mean the falsehoods are told to buttress progressives’ ability to uphold their most fundamental offense to the truth, which is: Government actually has the capability to solve or ameliorate all social and economic problems without creating even worse problems. I discussed this fundamental lie in the post The Lies Progressives Tell (Especially To Themselves!). In my last post, More Lies Progressives Tell To Themselves, I debunked two of the supporting lies progressives often trot out in support of their policies. Those untruths were: first, that the ideological opponents of progressives and a large fraction of the American people are racists and fascists; and second, that free-markets encourage increasingly unequal income distribution. In this essay I want to continue the effort by rebutting four more progressive lies.

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New Data Points To Continuing Warming Pause

Cosmic ray intensities from March 2015 to May 2017.

Cosmic ray intensities from March 2015 to May 2017.
Image and Data from Spaceweather.com

Today  marks  the sixth straight day for which there were absolutely no sunspots on the Sun. So far this year, out of the 135 days that have passed by, 36 days have been without sunspots, 26.7% of the total. Last year, a total of 32 days, or 8.8% were without sunspots. What all this portends is that we are descending into a particularly low solar minimum of the 11 year sunspot cycle, which should arrive sometime in 2019-2020. In turn, what this implies is our current pause in global warming will probably continue — worse luck for the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) enthusiasts!

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CO2 Levels In Air Dangerously Low for Life on Earth

Atmospheric CO2 concentrations and average global temperatures for the past 550 million years on Earth.

Atmospheric CO2 concentrations and average global temperatures for the past 550 million years on Earth.
Carbon dioxide levels from Brener (2001) and temperature from Scotese (2001) sourced from www.geocraft.com.
See also Boucot et al. (2004)
See bottom of post for complete references.
Image Credit: The Consulting Geologist

For the past two weeks or so,  I just have not been able to get away from the subject of global warming. Every time I turn around, I seem to learn yet more reasons why the popular picture of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is not to be believed. Now I have run across data indicating our current levels of atmospheric CO2 are actually dangerously low for life on Earth.
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Thermodynamic Effects of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Revisited

Varieties of interactions between air and sea

Varieties of interactions between air and sea
Image Credit: NASA Earth Observatory

Apparently,  I did not not explain my thoughts clearly enough in my post Thermodynamic Interactions of the Oceans With the Atmosphere, not to at least one reader anyway. What that essay attempted to do was to demonstrate it was energetically impossible for CO2 in the air to heat ocean water enough to evaporate more water into the air. Adherents of man-caused or Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) have known all along that there is entirely too little atmospheric carbon dioxide (approximately 0.04% of the atmosphere), and that CO2 molecules could absorb only a minuscule portion of the available thermal spectrum, to do the bulk of the atmospheric heating. Instead, they envisioned carbon dioxide as a trigger to a feedback mechanism that would amplify the CO2‘s effect. The modest amounts of CO2 heating would cause increased heat flux into the oceans, raising their temperatures and creating increased water evaporation. The increased water vapor, being a much stronger greenhouse gas, would then strongly heat the atmosphere. That is their theory, anyway.

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Thermodynamic Interactions of the Oceans With the Atmosphere

Cumulus clouds over the Atlantic Ocean

Cumulus clouds over the Atlantic Ocean
Wikimedia Commons / Tiago Fioreze

One fruitful way  of looking at the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) controversy is through the lens of thermodynamics, a field of physics. In one way this is a surprisingly easy approach that can even be made understandable to non-scientists. In particular what is of interest is how heat is passed back and forth between the atmosphere and the oceans. If we do this scrutiny carefully, what we will learn is that it is energetically impossible for all the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to significantly heat the water in the oceans.  Continue Reading…

What Consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming?

Dr. Nir Shaviv, Chair of the Racah Institute of Physics of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, giving a talk on global warming at the George Marshall Institute on March 21, 2013.

Dr. Nir Shaviv, Chair of the Racah Institute of Physics of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, giving a talk on global warming at the George Marshall Institute on March 21, 2013.
Screenshot from YouTube video uploaded by the George Marshall Institute.

When I recently wrote  the post Anti-AGW Global Warming Scholarly References, I became aware of how many truly excellent videos of scholarly talks by scientists debunking Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) were available, mostly through YouTube. In addition, besides the scholarly talks, some of these same scientists often gave talks that should be termed “popularizations” to the general public of their views. Finally, there is a set of videos that are involved with the pervasive politics of AGW, which are revealing in their own way. I will embed a sampling of all three types of videos in this post, hoping thereby to accomplish several objectives.

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Anti-AGW Global Warming Scholarly References

AGW mix

Different terrestrial environments involved with or affected by global warming.

Over on my Facebook group  A Divided World Readers, one reader complained I did not give a single scholarly reference to a journal article saying it was impossible for human-emitted CO2 to be responsible for observed global warming. He was quite right. I have given quite a few references, spread over my several essays on global warming, that make the case (I would say proved) mankind is not even a secondary cause for global warming. Tertiary, perhaps, if that. Any natural phenomenon as complicated as the periodic warming and cooling of a planetary atmosphere can not be explained by one, or even a few, journal articles. I am not even convinced we yet know of all the relevant phenomena bearing on global warming.

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The Complexity of Atmospheric Physics

View of the crescent moon through the top of the earth's atmosphere, as seen from the International Space Station.

View of the crescent moon through the top of the earth’s atmosphere, as seen from the International Space Station. The photo was taken over the South China Sea, just south of Macau. The lower atmosphere is blue because blue wavelengths are scattered the most among the visible wavelengths by the atmosphere; redder wavelengths are not scattered as much and do not reach the eye from all directions except in greatly diminished intensities.
Wikimedia Commons / NASA Earth Observatory

Yesterday,  I read of a somewhat old study, born from a collaboration between MIT and  NASA, of which almost nobody in the general public has ever known. What it tells us emphasizes the tremendous complexity of Earth’s atmosphere, and how modest everyone should be in their claims of knowledge about how it works. Those who claim man is the primary cause of global warming because of his CO2 emissions (Anthropogenic Global Warming, or AGW) should be especially modest, given the extreme simplicity of their model of the phenomenon of global warming. Those who support the AGW model like to claim with great certitude that “the science is settled.” Yet, because of the complexity of the planetary atmosphere, it is highly unlikely the science will ever be completely “settled” without many years of additional research.

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The Growing American Ideological Conflict

Middlebury College demonstration against Charles Murray.

Middlebury College demonstration against Charles Murray, illustrating the strained relations between the American Left and the American Right
Screenshot of Fox News Channel report

In my last post,  Concerning Ethics, Economics, and Social Reality, I responded to some disagreements of a progressive named Cai to neoliberal ideology. In this essay, I will try to reply to his remaining reactions to neoliberalism, which are directed toward the growing animosity and hostility between adherents of the two ideologies.

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Global Warming Teaches Humility

The Hadcrut4 global land and ocean temperature anomaly for 1997 to the present.

The Hadcrut4 global land and ocean temperature anomaly for 1997 to the present. The Hadcrut4 data set is maintained by the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia. The vertical axis is in units of degrees centigrade.
Watts Up With That? / Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia

Nature, with its often mind-boggling complexity, has a way of teaching us humility from time-to-time when she fails to behave like we expect. She has done it yet again to Anthropogenic Global Warming (man-caused global warming or AGW) believers and skeptics alike with recent temperature data.

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Solar Wind, Cosmic Rays and Clouds: The Determinants of Global Warming

Image of clouds

Average cloud cover is the most important factor in global warming

While global warming alarmists are trying to create a hysteria about Man causing the heat death of the planet, some physicists in Denmark and Israel are adding to the data that Nature — not Man — is the most important determinant of global warming.   Continue Reading…

Something Is Happening in the Sun!

Structure of the Sun

Structure of the Sun
Wikimedia Commons/Kelvinsong

Something important is most definitely going on inside the sun! We have just finished eleven straight days with no sunspots on the sun’s surface. Early last month there had been four consecutive days with zero sunspots. Now, having no sunspots around the solar minimum of the eleven year sunspot cycle is not at all unusual, but we are still at least four years away from the next expected solar minimum around 2020-2021. To see any period of zero sunspots now is highly unusual.

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The Anti-Freedom Bias of Progressives

Galileo's trial for heresy by the Roman Catholic Church

Galileo’s trial for scientific heresy by the Roman Catholic Church
Wikimedia Commons/Painting by Cristiano Banti (1857) (US-PD-Art)

I am not the only one to notice the increasingly authoritarian tendencies of progressives. In the post Scientific silencers on the left are trying to shut down climate skepticism, George Will is also raising the alarm about progressivism’s fascist tendencies. His jump-off point in discussing these tendencies is the relatively recent attempts by Democrats to criminalize scientific dissent from man-made global warming orthodoxy.   Continue Reading…

Democrats Want to Imprison Scientific Skeptics?

Sen Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) makes a point. 2008.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Junior Senator from Rhode Island
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Kenneth C. Zirkel

Last October, while writing about progressives’ views concerning conservatives, I noted how Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) wanted to criminalize scientific dissent from the prevalent Leftist beliefs about Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). You can find my dissenting beliefs about AGW in my Global Warming theme.   Continue Reading…

Cosmic Rays Continue Increasing: Global Cooling Ahead!

Clouds: What cosmic rays create

Clouds: What cosmic rays help create          Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Fir0002

The latest measurements of cosmic ray intensity in the stratosphere from Spaceweather.com and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus have been made available, and when added to previous measurements, show a continuing increase. The data record so far is shown plotted versus time below.    Continue Reading…

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