This page is a gateway to statistics of importance, primarily economic statistics. I am thinking of maintaining a sequence of values of sunspot count to keep track of whether we expect the globe to continue to cool from the model of global warming described in the Global Warming post theme. Perhaps as time goes on, we can think of some additional series to track.

A useful St. Louis Federal Reserve document describing the characteristics of economic indicators as well as the construction of composite indices is A Description of Economic Indicators by Ronald A. Ratti.

  • Leading Economic Indicators: Indicators that change before the economic change they herald. This page is substantially finished, although I may add or replace indicators in the future.
  • Coincident Economic Indicators: This page is in the process of being built. Please excuse the construction debris!
  • Lagging Economic Indicators: To be built. Nothing here yet!
  • Solar Activity: Data on the activity of the sun including sunspot number, solar wind speed, solar wind proton volume density, and solar wind current density.
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