There are several ways in which you can write comments on posts or to navigate this website to find articles of interest to you.

At any point you can click on the “HOME” menu selection of the top menu to reload the home page. Also, by clicking on the search icon ( a magnifying glass on the right-hand side of the top menu) you can search the entire site for a word or phrase.

Second, should you wish to write a comment on a post (Greatly encouraged!), click on the link to the right of the comment balloon at the bottom of the post. The link will have the form “n Comments” where n is the number of comments that have been posted. This will take you to a form where you can put down and send your comment. Don’t forget to click the “POST COMMENT” button after you are finished!

To find the posts of interest to you, you have several options. [Those of you who are using mobile devices, please note that what I call the “right-hand menu pane” in the directions below is probably at the bottom of the main content pane for your device.]

  1. The first way is the obvious one of just scrolling down the main content pane of the main window.
  2. Close to the bottom of the right hand menu-pane is a “tag ballon” with keywords (tags) of varying sizes. The keywords with larger fonts are the ones most often found in the posts. By clicking on a tag with a particular keyword, you will cause the main content pane to fill with all the posts associated with that keyword.
  3. Going up the right-hand menu pane, we come to the “ARCHIVES” section listing the monthly archives by month. Clicking on a particular month will reward you by filling the main content pane with the posts of that month.
  4. Next up on the right-hand menu pane of the main window is a menu of categories. You can click on one of the categories under the “CATEGORIES” label. The main content pane will then fill with all the posts in that category.
  5. Next up on the left-hand menu pane is a list of the most recent comments. Clicking on one will take you directly to that comment.
  6. At the top of the right-hand side there is a list of links to the most recent posts.
  7. Finally, at the bottom of each post there (usually) are one or more “tags” with keywords associated with that post. By clicking on a tag with a particular keyword, you will cause the main content pane to fill with all the posts associated with that keyword. A list of all the keywords is shown below. Following each keyword is an extremely abbreviated description of what the keyword stands for. The keywords in chocolate brown are actual links to the posts, placed here for convenience.

Central Banks: Issues involving the central banks of nations, such as the Federal Reserve in the United States.

ChinaIssues involving the People’s Republic of China.

Economy: Concerning the state of a nation’s or the world’s economy

Energy: Issues involving the supply of energy

Europe: Issues involving Europe

Financial Markets: Issues involving banks and stock and bond markets

Government Regulation: Concerns the effects of government regulations on the economy and society.

Ideology: Descriptions of world-views, systems of ideas and their interactions with other ideologies

International Trade: Concerns anything relating to commerce between nations.

Iran: Affairs relating to Iran

ISIS: The sunni jihad organization and its conflicts

Jihad: Conflicts between extremist Muslims with all the rest of the world whose beliefs are not congruent with theirs.

Keynesian: Anything involving Keynesian economic ideas

Laws of Economics: The neoclassical Laws of Economics and their implications to society.

National Security: Issues involving the armed services and foreign threats to the nation.

Neoclassical Economics: Involving ideas of the classical economists together with those of the marginal utility revolution of 1870

Political Disputes: Differing positions between political parties, including their bases and supporters.

Russia: Issues involving Russia.

Stimulus: Factor that causes the economy to grow. Includes but is not limited to government expenditures.

Taxes: Concerns effects of taxes,

Welfare: Government welfare programs and their effects.

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  1. Hi Charles,
    I had to unsubscribe due to an email malfunction that has been rectified by my IT expert (Connie) and would like to subscribe again. How may I accomplish a re-subscribe? Please let me back in!
    I hope this finds you and Dianne well!
    Warm regards,

    • Hey Charlie! No problem! I’ll just enter you into the subscriber list by hand. By the way, have you been following my running debate with a progressive in my recent posts? They are turning out to be a fairly comprehensive summary of the differences between progressives and neoliberals (aka conservatives).

      Whoops! I just tried entering the subscriber list to reenter you, but since you unsubscribed you need to fill in the opt-in form on the right hand side of the website page between the dated archives and the meta commands. Sorry about that.

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