The Site Information Main Menu item holds a collection of pages that give general information about the A Divided World website. Currently it has two sub-pages, the links to which together with their descriptions are below.

Site Navigation:

This page gives general directions for navigating about the website, as well as how to post comments. It also holds a complete list of tags (keywords) used on the site. Each post on the website can have any number of these keywords associated with it. You can think of these tags as a sort of “index” to the entire website. Using a tag you can fill the central post content pane with all the posts, called that tag’s tag archive, that have that keyword associated with it. This can be in one of three ways:

  1. At the bottom of each post, there is a line that has the categories assigned to the post, followed by a link to the comment section of the post, which is then followed by a list of tags, each one of which is a link to the collection of posts possessing that tag.
  2. To the right of the main post content pane is a sidebar that has the following widgets from top to bottom: Search text box (for searching website for words or phrases), newsletter signup form, list of recent posts, recent comments list, categories list, archives list, followed by a “tag cloud”. After the tag cloud are “Meta” links that include links to RSS feeds. Inside the tag cloud, the various keywords have different sizes. The size of a keyword is related to the number of posts associated with the tag, with the tags associated to more posts being larger than the tags for fewer posts. Each tag in the tag cloud is also a link to that tag archive.
  3. Finally, in the list of tags on the site navigation page, each tag name is also a link to that tag archive.


Instructions on how to publish comments on individual posts.

Privacy Policy:

A description of the website’s privacy policy.

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