Below are links to my favorite websites to which I frequently go to get information about what is going on in the world. Following each link is a short description of what you will find on the website.

Primarily On Politics  Links to posts on political subjects from authors of all political persuasions. Also includes information from many opinion polls and gives averages over polls.

Libertennial: What looks to be a brand new website espousing Libertarian ideas and values.

Primarily About The Economy and Economics

RealClearMarkets: Links to posts on the U.S. and international economies from authors with different beliefs on economics. The website for The Economist magazine, another great source for overseas news with an emphasis on economics. The website for the Foundation for Economic Education, a center-right think tank concerned with neoclassical economic ideas.

An Even Mix of Politics and The Economy

Wall Street Journal: The best newspaper in the United States! (Access requires subscription)

The American Interest: A generally conservative site focussing on foreign policy, global  and national economics, and national security. A financial magazine blog with frequently interesting and useful content.

The Bloomberg View: Another interesting business magazine.

The Heritage Foundation: A Conservative think tank

Center for American Progress: A Progressive think tank

The Brookings Institution: A center-left think tank

International Liberty: A website with the motto, “Restraining Government in America and Around the World”. How could anyone resist it?

Foreign Affairs The website for Foreign Policy magazine. A great source for news outside the United States and for commentary on foreign policy. (Access requires subscription)

Al-Monitor: A website specializing on events in the Middle East. Stationed in Washington, DC, Al-Monitor has a large number of partnerships with news media within the Middle East. Formerly the Russian Times, this site is the English language webpage of an international TV network that is a news (propaganda?) outlet for the Russian government.

Data Sources

The Federal Reserve Economic Database (FRED): An absolute treasure trove of historical economic data.

NYU Stern Tutorials on FRED: Online video tutorials on how to use FRED.

The World Bank: An indispensable resource of economic and economic development data for all nations on Earth An online resource for making technical analysis charts for stocks and indices on U.S. stock markets. A cornucopia of information about what is going on in the solar system and the solar wind’s interaction with the atmosphere. Be sure to check out the links at the end of SpaceWeather’s home page!


Wikipedia: An online encyclopedia that has information on virtually anything. It includes subjects of current interest that you would never find in Encyclopedia Britannica.

Encyclopedia Britannica: Then, again, there is that old gold standard for encyclopedias!













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