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Charles B. Thorington

Housekeeping Note


Housekeeping           Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Quadell

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A More Accountable Fed


Flag of the Federal Reserve System

Flag of the Federal Reserve System
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Much of what ails this economy was caused by the Federal Reserve. Not all that damages the economy can be laid at the Federal Reserve’s door, but much can be. I have written about the Federal Reserve’s culpability in a number of posts now, and many who have had the stamina to read through them all may think I am beginning to beat a dead horse. For those of my readers here who have not gone through this exercise, I recommend reading the posts listed on the thematic post page for the Federal Reserve System to understand exactly why the Federal Reserve is guilty of helping to create many of our economic problems. The subject of today’s post, however, is not the fact of the Federal Reserve’s culpability, but  rather the fact that so many other people are now realizing how much the Fed is at the root of many of our problems.   Continue Reading…

Divided Indeed

What follows is a poem by Mike Martin of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. It gives his impressions from this website.

Divided yes indeed I say
It might take me a minute
To build a rhyme that bares my shade
And for all has something in it

supply demand well that’s all fine
barely got past 101
but I fear we might be reeling yet
from good old 911

bin ladin weren’t no fool you know
a genius some might say
he’ll run our lives from where he’s at
forever and a day

and what brought on that spiteful morn
what hatred how and why
what prompted such insanity
and fire in the sky

had you not ate since yesterday
no food fell from the skies
and when a package finally did
you couldn’t believe you eyes

a crumpled up old magazine
was placed there in the fold
to shield from any damage to
this precious gift of gold

upon the pages of that mag
what things did you behold
as you devoured a cake of rice
life started to unfold

my word tell me that’s not a house
is that a meal for one
oh look the doggie has a house
I sure wish I had one

What child is that with gut so fat
The dog drags his around
They chuck their food out in the trash
For fear it might be old

Less poverty and strife you say
Equality for all
My lifestyle haps could stand a tweak
not yours no not at all

do you share your food as you do your flack
are your children all tucked in
a shame we only think to bash
what gets under our skin

the answer’s here nor there my friend
nor blowing in the wind
to know what breeds such fiendish minds
we need only look within

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Hello world!

This blog is dedicated to investigating how people find different views of reality, and how these different views lead to human conflict. That is, it will look at ideas in different ideologies, and how the adherence to these ideas leads to antagonism between both individuals and groups of people. These conflicts can be as harmless as a heated conversation between two people, as (relatively) nonviolent but consequential as a national political campaign, or as horrendous as war and genocide. The larger and more consequential a conflict is, the more likely that it is fueled by differences in the ideas of the protagonists.

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