I am a 71 year old retired physicist who is increasingly interested in economics and its nexus with politics. Since this is a blog about conflicting ideas, especially economic and political ideas, I should put all my prejudices in plain view. My views would probably be characterized by most as conservative, particularly my beliefs on economics.

I would describe myself as holding neoclassical economic  views. For those who have not been exposed much to economics, neoclassical economics is the set of ideas produced by the classical economists (with the notable exception of Thomas Malthus) as modified by the beliefs of the founders of the law of marginal utility: Carl Menger, Leon Walras, and William Stanley Jevons. This includes the law of supply and demand, Say’s law of markets, Ricardo’s law of comparative advantage, and the law of marginal utility. It most definitely excludes the labor theory of value and Malthus’ iron law of wages,

On social policy I am generally conservative with one major exception: I have a great indifference about what happens in people’s bedrooms. I see no reason to discriminate against homosexuals or lesbians. It is reputed that some grande dame in the late nineteenth century said that it was all okay for her “as long as they don’t do it in the streets and scare the horses”. That pretty much sums up my attitude. Also, unlike a small subset of conservatives, I think that contraceptives are a good thing, but one that should be reserved for adults.  Like most of my fellow conservatives, I believe that abortion in the third trimester is too close to infanticide to be tolerated. Having disposed of my views on sexual and reproductive mores, I am pretty much a conservative on everything else.

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